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Efficiency and Integrity in Carbon Trading

Best for Buyers

Trustworthy Assets

With Renewvia's extensive experience spanning over a decade in the global sustainability sector, our assets are not just reliable, but also a beacon of trust in the carbon market. Leveraging the power of distributed ledger technology, R-RECs offer an enhanced layer of security and transparency, ensuring that every credit is a symbol of genuine renewable energy generation and environmental integrity.

End-to-End Solution

R-RECs isn't just a platform for trading; it's a comprehensive solution for your entire sustainability campaign. From setting impactful environmental goals based on your carbon footprint to identifying and managing the right carbon assets for your objectives, R-RECs facilitates a seamless journey. Our platform empowers you to buy, sell, and retire carbon credits and renewable energy certificates, ensuring that every step contributes effectively to your sustainability mission.

More than a REC

Investing in R-RECs transcends the traditional concept of carbon assets. It's an opportunity to have a tangible social, economic, and environmental impact, particularly in rural Africa. Each R-REC represents not just a unit of clean energy but also contributes to vital rural electrification, fostering sustainable development in regions that need it the most. By choosing R-RECs, you're part of a larger movement towards global sustainability and equity.

Best for Sellers

Accessible

Regardless of the scale of your project, our platform is designed to accommodate and support your needs. This inclusivity means that even smaller community-level—or even individual-level—projects can benefit from the revenue stream that R-RECs provide, breaking down the barriers often faced in other platforms that necessitate massive scale for participation.

Fair

Our commitment to fairness is reflected in our pricing mechanism. We understand the importance of ensuring that the revenue generated from R-RECs is substantial and impactful. That's why our platform operates with minimal fees, allowing a greater portion of the earnings to flow back into your projects and the communities they support. This approach fosters sustainable growth and reinvestment, aligning with our ethos of equitable and responsible trading practices.

Genuine

Renewvia isn't just a platform provider; we are mini-grid developers ourselves. We've designed this product with a deep understanding and empathy for companies navigating the renewable energy landscape. Our platform is built from the ground up to cater to the voices, needs, and best interests of renewable energy producers like you. With R-RECs, you're not just a user of a service; you're a valued member of a community that shares your commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy.


Asset Management Hub

Step into your personalized command center for managing your renewable energy contributions and carbon offset assets. The R-RECs Asset Management Hub is where clarity meets convenience, allowing you to seamlessly oversee your sustainability milestones; visualize your impact; and buy, sell, and retire your assets.

The Most Robust Carbon Asset Standard for Mini-Grids in the World

Our stringent criteria surpass international benchmarks, ensuring that every carbon asset we issue is compliant with industry standards. Through meticulous adherence to these rigorous standards, Renewvia's carbon assets represent the pinnacle of trust and ecological responsibility in the renewable energy sphere.


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